low poly face?

Hey guys made this guy last night and a little bit this morning its a head :smiley: lol I followed a tutorial and before this I’ve never been able to complete a head or face so I am happy that I am making improvements
C&cs welcome. What is finished, is the model, but I want to show you all how I am doing with the texture which right now I know need some work so here’s the pics.


oo The poly count is 234 thats why I put the ? mark. Is that low poly? :slight_smile:

these days, I guess it could be

can you show us a wire? it looks like you have lots of mesh topology issues which if corrected could make the shape a lot smoother

even in low poly meshes you can use edge loops:

Heres the wire. Two types of shots becouse I don’t know which one would show better.



thanks for the info in advance I really want to get better 8)

for a wire almost always post an offset render, not head on because things that are symetrical in front and back will overlap. The one with no materials shown is usually prefered.

Me, I guess that is low poly but personanly if you really want low poly use a box with some enginouse textures/ bump maps.

well, besides the bloating, the face has too many tris, it really should be all quads

thanks guys I don’t know why I did all tris maby I was thinking about game models. The link to the tut was very usefull the two faces I made with that tut are all quads so it helped alot. Might trash those other ones and start over.

these days, game models are done as all quads, at least to start

polygon budgets have already been set for the next gen consoles, and they are pretty high [like 1.5k polygon heads alone]

wow guess I am doing fine with the count. know I just have to learn how to place them the right way :stuck_out_tongue:

All my models are mixed with quads and tris. From the way I model I model with limit set…Like how many tris count from there I work the face which should take 1/3 of the tris count and then work on the rest of the body.

You model is fine but you have a lot of unneeded points. If you want you can post the .blend and Ill clean up the face to show you what guides should be followed.

But in gen all models have a focus. Figuring out which part of the model it is is where you spend most of the tris count…

Visit http://www.mhserver5.biz/~sutaitk1/images/LowPoly/ and look @ the wire frames

Btw I’ve seen 5k as considered lowpoly… And thats just crazy! I remember the 500-1000k…Which i still follow.

Sutabi… nice pics. The manga-anime hair on the first one uses a whole lot of triangles though. Anyway do you know where to find a decent simple generic head-model tutorial?

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what tutorial was this done with?

thanks for all the feedback. I am snowed in right now so Ill probably have time for blending (YEAH :P) The tut I used was this one http://www.cgtalk.com/showthread.php?s=&postid=879420

Ill try to post the .blends that would help out alot ive seen your work before and I like the style :slight_smile:

That’s not so crazy. The character Jak in Jak2 Renegade has 5000 polys for the PS2 and the vehicles in VRally 3 have 16000 polys. When you can do scenes in real-time in Blender with millions of polys, low-poly can really be quite high.

That face looks pretty good. Just remember to count both sides of the face in the poly count when you do mirrored modelling.

To give you a better idea of a regualar lowpoly face: