Low poly female. Advice appreciated.

I’m working on a low poly female mesh. Firstly, I am new to blender and I have no idea what I’m doing. Any help is greatly appreciated. I’m satisfied with the shape I have so far but I have no idea if the topology is acceptable. Please let me know if I’m doing something wrong. I want to have a mesh that will animate well. Also if anyone has any tutorials on head/hand modeling that would be appreciated. Thanks!


Shana.blend (365 KB)

Hola vidjogamer, cuando diseñes esta parte hay que tener varias vistas una de enfrente, una de lado y tambien una de arriba, ahora en la vista de enfrente tiene que verse bastante derecho la parte de las rodillas, en la vista 2 tambien, ok

Hello vidjogamer, when designing this part should have multiple views of front, side and also one of a top, now in the opposite view has to be fairly straight the knees, in view 2 as well, ok

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wow. cool. thanks for sharing it. I learned something. used cars