Low poly female (Julia)

Character im currently working on, for a friends project




Update, Head texturing and unwrap


I like talking with myself…


only shoes missing a texture

Considering low number of polygons, looks great so far! I’ll keep an eye on this!

heheh… however nice skill…

Turn around :spin:



Topology, not to good…

Was doing eyelashes, and…

maybe someone can tell why the eyelashes are making the head transparent(and with really bad aa) when they are deselected :confused:
screen shots taken in GLSL shaded view


was looking some kind of setting or button and couldn’t find it, not that familiar with 2.5x settings :o

little preview with rig: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piL0kY2bKg4
vid was made mostly to show some stuff for a friend, but though ill post it here too :o

do You want to use the model in blender-game-engine and You need
the glsl-display mode?
(if not, there are still a lot of “glitches” between the 3d-view and the final render,
3d-view is still some kind of very, very, … simple preview)

and… dont take it too sincerely
a link to low poly lara:
> http://www.freeitsolutions.com/3ds/viewTutorial.aspx?id=1984
you have to click the link to view a wireframe of lara
(i wont link the image in, cause its from another web … some dont like it…
but the wireframe uses quads (i have seen one more low-poly version with triangles, but … … this was only for the first tomb-raider sequels))
ps. have to say it, i can look for minutes at this wireframe lara,
… its marvelous … (maybe only for those, who spent some time with those game-sequels …)

nah… it wont be used in a BGE, it was just annoying