Low Poly Female

Hi! I’m new here, and this is my first post!..This is my first finished model, it’s 1020 faces and it still needs to be textured (but i suck at it) please tell me what you think! :smiley:

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How’s that? :expressionless:

you got to fix the link first :wink:

err…how would i go about doing that? srry im new :expressionless:

How did you post the image?

It should be:


any crits? :-?

Look like it is a good start!

little advice:
go to edit mode <TAB>
select all vertices <A>
press <CTL-N>

and look at the hands… :wink:

try to modify the legs…

:Z not enough polys my good sir. she has a good bust, but she needs more polys every were else.

great start though.

thx for the crits everyone. Hanzo, about how many polys should i try for?

put up a wire, so we can see more clearly wat is going on with your mesh. just select the object, click on the button with three arrows, then click ‘wire’. then do a render using the little button ( one of two of them ) that looks like a picture, and that will make a render of the 3D screen as you see it, minus stuff like cameras, and crosshairs. like this. http://home.att.net/~yorik/frogwire.jpg also, if you are subsurfacing the object, click ‘optimal’, and it will only draw the original wire.

As Modron suggested, here are some wireframes of her…

  1. Focusing on the upper body

  2. Focusing on the legs & feet

for best results on the head, i would avoid the decimator. Torq made a tut on doing human heads that is pretty low poly if i recall correctly. Also the hand looks a bit chunky, you might try trimming it a bit.

:wink: I’m thinking about 2000 well placed tries, should do the trick…

now that you show wire frame I think that the girl can do with a bit less tries on her breasts, think good face distribution, or even topology…

check out the wires of sysop’s work over at cgtalk


thank you :stuck_out_tongue: i’ll start work on her when i have time off from work… :frowning: