Low Poly Fence

The last couple of weeks I worked on some 3d assets for an animated short I’m still working on. Last week during christmas holiday I made this stylized hand painted low poly fence. For this projects I sculpted several beams and planks in Blender. I baked the diffuse, normal and displacement maps from the high poly mesh to the low poly mesh model. For now I only post one frame, later today I will try to post a 360 turn around. It is still rendering.


nice work !!!

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Thank you Alf, I’m quite pleased with the result so far.

yeah .
you can creat defrient wood plane in size and shape, to make things looks more intrested !!!
also you can add cracks and missing parts, but maybe in the next project !!! :slight_smile:

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I’m definitely going to do that. It will be a great practice. Thank you

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