Low poly Forest


I’ve decided to do something new and created low poly forest scene instead of more complex models. This presented different kinds of challenge. I have no experience in making this kind of scenes so I could really use some advice. C&C needed :smiley:

(Timo) #2

I would not go as low poly as you did. Your scene barly has any details. You could bring in some more detail by adding some stars, clouds, a moon, dots on the mushrooms and some grass. Also some low poly animals like bats or a fox, pigs, anything that you like can help.
Don t do everything or else it won t be low poly any more. Also the far left and right of the scene is too dark/ the are just black. Hope that helped :slight_smile:


OK, thanks for the comment, I’ll work on adding some details.

(alf0) #4

add more trees to the background and maybe add some grass and some little rocks !!!


After some changes ( textures added):