low poly forest

Hello people,
I am posting here in search for some pointers/help/advice in regards to making a large low poly forest suitable for unity. As a long term cinema4d and zbrush user, I am pretty familiar with the terminology not so much Blender as an interface I am getting to grips with the program to make game elements .

I am trying to create a forest with the most basic pyramid style tree and duplicate it to create a large aerial view of a forest which is a low enough poly count to run easily in unity. For an example I would say canon fodder from the 90s would be the density of the forest I would like to create.

The only way I can think of doing it would be to create a normal map of a forest and use that on a low poly mesh.

Would this be the best way? Or is there another.

thank Barry

I keep some older Blender versions on my computer just to use amazing tools like this one. Once made the tree, I open the file with Blender 2.64.wow… that’s realy great. i LOVE low poly stuff, and you explain it all beautifully. thank you, thank you!!
this would be supper to use as beginner blender tut too. excellent stuff.