Low Poly Freestyle

Been a few days since i brought you any new low poly work so heres a new one. Done in Freestyle :smiley: Hope everyone enjoys!!!

I like the tree branches, not so much the fences or clouds though. Why are the segments where the fences connect black? would look much better in brown. Also the clouds in the back are a bit dark imo, otherwise its great.

Thanks :smiley: Not real sure what happened to the fence ill check on that and ya i was trying to create a depth of field and so the clouds in the back are scaled down and the lines kinda took over haha. Just thought id give it a try throwing a low poly render into freestyle. :smiley:

You should try a version without the outlines, let the shading of the color drive the form. I think it could make it a more refined render. Consider adding some haze so the color changes into the distance, especially in the mountains. This will give your scene a nice sense of scale.

what i would love to see (although it will bump up the poly count) is a wireframe render, which i would do like this, it would also fix the thicknesses:

  1. disable freestyle!
  2. duplicate all the objects
  3. use the wireframe modifier (new in 2.70) on the duplicated objects, not the originals
  4. give the wireframed objects a black material
    i would be very intersted to see it using wireframe modifier!

Ill have to try that. The freestyle was more of a test to see how it turned out…looks like VickeyM72 did the same thing hers came out alot better :smiley:

I think you need to vary the clouds a lot more, and the trees in the background. :slight_smile: You could just size down the horizontal posts in the fence to get rid of that blackness, looks like crossed geometry is all(and maybe vary the fence a bit too). I was looking at a bunch of these things today from all over, and I’m starting to not like the low-poly sky backgrounds, but I think maybe they should just be higher poly than most people make them(will try that soon, I have yet to make one of these things with one of those skies). I think the “real” skies/backgrounds look a little better, but that’s just my opinion of course. Cool idea overall, and great trees! :smiley: I could do without the Freestyle on this, but I know you were just trying it out. Should try to use Edge sometime, you can get some interesting effects from it. That Wireframe idea is cool for one of these, check my deviantART gallery for some wireframe geometric stuff I did a while ago. It used to just be a function of the Ctrl+F menu, but now it’s a modifier as well in the latest release. Try it out, it’s cool! :smiley:

Nice! I like the toon shader concept!