Low poly furniture

Hi all!

Low poly furniture for games and real time visualizations.
Blender + xNormal + Substance Painter.
You can download all of them for free here.

Hope you like it!


Incredible models. These would be perfect for real-time architectural visualization. Low poly modelling is amazing. But the materials are incredible. Fantastic job. Love it

Incredible! Rly Optimized models, and great texturing. Substance Painter is rly a great masterpiece in terms of texturing software. Dis you release this models in CC-0 or CC-BY?

“Free for personal and commercial use. Please do not sell them in any way.”

And thanks. Very beautiful works.

Thanks for sharing! Great work!
BTW one little advice for future, to avoid this black lines on model (texture NM baking) u need to separate it on UV and they will disappear.

Thanks for advice :slight_smile:

Had some fun with the material.

Wow. Very nice models. Thx for sharing :slight_smile:

Very good models. Thanks for sharing.

I can’t seem to obtain the same detail quality of the Sketchfab previews, especially the roughness of the metallic parts. Should the texture for roughness be set to «non-color data» or somehow multiplied?

Very nice models.

I dont’t know… :frowning: Maybe try to invert roughness map? Sometimes it helps.