Low Poly Game Art(kind of image heavy)

HELLO ELYSIUN!..er…blenderartists now :stuck_out_tongue:

So its been a real long time since I posted on here last…or maybe it just feels like that. But I have been doing alot of stuff and life has been busy, but heres what I have been working on.

Lately I have been working on getting my texture skills better, and within the past month it has improved greatly. I am still doing mostly mechanical m0dels tho, but now I can texture them!

The other thing that I thought I would share with you guys is that I got a job! Yes I got a job for a game company…its freelance, but I get to do what I love and get paid for it. Also it keeps me even more motivated…the jobs the reason I worked harder on my texturing skills.

Most of the m0deling is done in max, but all of my unwrapping is done in blender because it is 2 times faster for me and its just easier in my opinion. So I figured it was allowed to post these images on here :stuck_out_tongue: Some of the m0deling is done in blender tho :slight_smile:

EDIT: Hmm I should of put this in originally…all of my work is low poly, so the highest resolution for the textures on these m0dels are 1x1024 map…the helicopter is 1x512 map. So yeah all of these m0dels are low poly game m0dels :slight_smile:

So here they are…the images of what I have been doing…enjoy :slight_smile:

Incomplete, almost done, just dont have time to finish it yet.
This is what I am working on at this exact moment…or at least the moment I had before I posted here.

This texture isnt that great…it was the first full texture I have done. It is complete, but I should probably redo it :rolleyes:

Incomplete as well, this one was a fun concept design, just need to finish it now.

One of my first textures on the way to where I am now :stuck_out_tongue: (All in blender except for texture :wink: )



Little messed up proportions tank…i should texture heh


Ok well lemme know what you guys think, and if you want to see even more I have plenty :wink:

later guys!

Nice models!
You were right, image heavy.If your models are for a game, then the textures are acceptable, but if not, you need better ones.

Yes they are all game m0dels, I have edited the main post, since I should of put it in in the first place. Most seam really low…because they are at a very low resolution. So nothing is going to be highpoly…im a low poly guy :wink:

Just finished my turret…if anyones interested.



Long time no seen, and wow! Your skills are flying stright up! Extremely well textured. What size do you use on the textures, and how many poly’s on each modell?

Don’t be a stranger! :wink:

I like your models very much, specially the turret one!

What is the proccess you are using to import your models from MAX to Blender and then from Blender to MAX again? (What kind of file types are you using to do that?)

It looks great, I have a few questions if you don’t mind. :slight_smile:

How many polys are on each models?
What game are they for? :open_mouth:

The turret shows how your texturing skills have improved. It could still do with a little colour variation though, just to highlight the construction details.

Hey thanks guys :slight_smile:

Kothe what you been up to bro?

None of these m0dels are for the game…I am not allowed to show them. :confused:

So heres the specs of the models.

The highest model which is the abrams is under 6000, the walker and marder are all around 5500 tris. Every m0del except the helicopter have a 1024 map. The turret is special tho, it has a diffuse map and one spec map.

The turret is 816 tris and its the only one that has a diffuse and spec map. Personally I think the turret is my best texture so far…Its the most recent to tho.

Azdo - What I do is export from max to .obj then just import it in blender. Then when I finish editing in blender I export it to obj again. The only thing is, you have to take off the apply modifier option in the obj exporter in blender.

Once again thanks guys!

Very nice work - my favourites are the turret and Abrams. I think the Blackhawk’s texture looks a bit low-contrast/washed-out compared to the rest.

Congratulations on your job.

Thanks thoro :slight_smile:

The blackhawk was the first texture I did when I decided to get better at texturing. And its only a 512 texture so yea its pretty washed out :confused: The marder was next then the abrams and then the turret. So you can kind of see the progression.

Oh yeah Gmanx - the turret isnt supposed to have much color at all…in fact it has none :stuck_out_tongue: It is kind of similar to the .50 cal in color scheme. And the .50 cal has no color to it, I really should do something with colors tho.

Anyone have any ideas on something to practice on?

Hey, thanks for the tip about the OBJ importing/exporting!

What 2d program are you painting with?

These look very good… allthough, if the tank has 6,000 polies, I can’t figure what you are using them on, because I think you need to add more edges to the tank wheels, they appear to only have 8.

Better ctitiques available with wires. :slight_smile:

I am using photoshop for all textures :slight_smile:

About the tank tho, I could probably knock it down alot more, but I was going from the original 8000 to 6000 so I didnt really want to go to low. The thing is tho, the wheels are 10 sided. So each wheel is about 60 tris, and their are 8 on each side. Then the barrel I made quite round…its 12 sided I believe, but its been a while since I looked at it close so it could be 10. But all the higher sided cylenders add up, if I made every round part under 6-7 sides, it would lower the count a whole bunch.

I will get wires up later tonite tho :slight_smile: thanks guys!

Wires…sorry their just screengrabs.

Looking at the abrams texture now…there are a bunch of stuff that could be fixed, but hey its always a learning process :slight_smile:

Oh yeah for max…when you export to obj make sure you have the faces set to quads…i exported this abrams with tris, and now the model is a total mess…so please excuse the wires :wink:



I have found odd numbered cylinders look better in low-poly modelling.

The wheels probably could use 13-gons. Look much more round. You have a lot of small details on the body and turret, that could probably be painted on, to have a poly count face redux, if you had to cut out some details to round up the wheels.

I personally have not tried this yet, but intend to, for the fencing type apparatus around the turret, you could use triangular tubing instead of square tubing.

All these are suggestions to free up tris for the wheels.

My question is, when applying textures to an item in the composition - do you have to seperate it when creating it or when its finished. My space ship when attempting to add textures covers the whole item. Any suggestions?

If you select the faces you want to apply a texture to, then apply the texture, it only applies to those faces. Sorry if this doesn’t help, but I don’t exactly understant your question. Sorry

Wow what an old thread to pull up, might have to update it now since Ive learned alot over the period of a year heh…but I’ll try and answer your question. But I think you will have to rephrase it so that I can understand it better.

It seems like you want to know how to texture one part of the mesh, so for example the barrel on the tank…how did I texture that seperately then the rest of the body. I’m guessing you’re not to familiar with UV mapping, but I unwrapped the tank and then textured over that, so it is all one sheet. So the way for you to texture your space ship is to unwrap it and then texture each part. I can post up a UV map of a recent model if you wish. Hopefully that answers your question…if not just rephrase so I can understand it better :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you post a .Blend of the Turret?:yes:

Please :smiley:

Sorry i’m reviving old Thread:(