Low-poly game artist

Hi there,

we’ve been developing a new game for mobiles and we’ve reached a point where we need to start producing the final 3d assets for use in-game.

It’s a bridge-building simulation game with highly stylized low-poly art to it, a screenshot of the current state of the game (just prototype art) can be seen at: http://i.imgur.com/SqC9QRI.png

Ultimately we’re hoping to achieve a modeling style that requires very clever use of vertices and triangles to use the topology to describe the shapes, as no textures will be used (everything is flat-shaded).
Extensive use of vertex colors, separated edges, etc
As a reference, we’re aiming for something similar to this: http://payload61.cargocollective.com/1/0/15329/3535283/canyon_day%20copy_1020.jpg
Possibly with a little less detail.

Being a game for mobile heavy emphasis is placed on re-usability and modularity of assets, so previous experience with game asset creation is desirable but not essential.

The game is being developed with Unity and is very close to completion, custom tools have been developed to achieve the flat shaded look and more can be developed as required.

If you feel like you have the skills and/or the desire to work on this project with this kind of art style please get in touch.


Hi Patrick, sounds like an interesting concept and challenge, deceptably simple 3D art. Can send some samples of models I have done etc.
Best regards
Ian Cookson NZ

Hello Patrick,
Looks like a fun project! Please check out our portfolio below and PM me if you are interested.


Hey! I made much low poly models and it is my specialization. PM me and I can send examples and try to make a model you want!

hi i am an artist and i know about low poly models check my dv http://taemart.deviantart.com/art/The-Fall-Game-Play-Demo-477573007
if you are intrestid pm my