[Low-Poly game asset]Cube with a glass sphere inside

I want to have a cube, where there’s a cone shaped cut-out on the sides and inside there is a glass sphere. The problem is, that when I put two of them together, I want the cut-out part to extend like on the image.
The other problem I’m facing, is that because this will be a game-asset, I want the large cubes to be in several cubes, and because of that, I need 3 models, 1 that stands alone, 1 representing the side, and 1 representing the middle one. How could I go about this?

It’s not clear what you’re asking.

Put two of what together?

The image shows no extended part.

What large cubes?

What do you mean “represents the side”?

Ditto with “middle one”.


I think he wants something like this where cubes kinda merge.

Yeah something like that, except, I want the top part of the cube flat, and the whole thing will be on the x and y axes, so you won’t be able to place two cubes on top of eachother

Did DCBloodHound answer your question by showing you that image?

No, I am looking for the “how to do it” not for the “how would it look like”

Modeling it is easy. How they merge really depends on what kind of game engine you are going to be using.

Ok, I solved it by using a mix of boolean modifiers and “To Sphere” command

I’m glad you solved it. I would have tried to help if I had understood the question a little better and others hadn’t stepped in acting like they were going to help, but never did. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten any real help here yet. Or many thanks for trying to help. I guess that’s just the way the world is going…

Mainly because people expect you to show them how to model complex objects without doing any work or research themselves. It’s reasonable when someone is stuck on a specific part of their model and is looking for help, not so much when they expect you to show them how to model a Gundam without even having started on it.

It’s actually quite hard for me to provide help because i never know if my method is the right one or if there is a better way, i collect information here and there in the blender community but i rarely see people pointing out the mistakes of others unless it is obvious because they seem to afraid that their own method might be wrong. In the end i figured out that the method doesn’t really matter, only the end result matters. Therefore i think it’s better if people try their best to do it on their own first and then ask for help when it doesn’t turn out as expected.

I myself also have very little actual experience with blender as i have done very little experimenting. I’m also a bit of a perfectionist so i never finish anything.

I only wanted a helful tip, like which tools I should use, or how to aproach the problem, so if someone actually told me to use a boolean modifier to carve the middle part out, I might have solved it form there myself and it would have taken 1 less day

I understand the learning process quite well, @DCBloodHound, and I’ll tell you here that you provided NOTHING to help gorbitt99 or anyone else by just showing off without explaining to him what he needed to do. That was just showing off, and I see you do it quite often.

To learn how to so something, you have to know what steps to take. Explaining how you did that would have been far more helpful o gorbit99 and every other Blender noob than to just post a finished example with NO explanation at all.

Nobody can learn anything by your method. You talk like you think you’re doing all the work by telling them how to do it, when really, you did all that work for nothing (except maybe to show off).