Low poly game character progress

Started on this guys yesterday and he has just been a blast to work on. I’ve been working on human characters a lot lately so it is nice to be working on something different. He has a ways to go still. I think I’ll add some accessories and damage on the mask next.


Day 3

Almost done with him!

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Also I add shape keys for the eyes.


Concept or original? Love the shading!

Thanks! He’s original. I did do some sketches beforehand to get some shape ideas down. I threw the blue on early while doing the modeling for fun but I’m not sure of it yet. I’ll probably post some color schemes tomorrow.

Doing a quick mock up to test out some colors.


This looks really well done! Thanks for sharing

I’m looking for a shader style much like the one you have here. Know of any tutorials I can use to help achieve this?