Low poly game model

This is my second attempt on the game engine and this time i am making higer poly than the last time.

The model are nicely rig un unwrap:

I also got the less poly version of the model which got 583 vert with 614 face. Now i need to paint the texture in ps :smiley: .

Looking like a good start. I look forward to the game. Keep it up. Textures? Mats?

To be honest and to help you, that model can be taken down even more. You have alot of faces that can be removed. Also the chest area needs a little work. Try to look at the model for a few min and see if you can find the faces that can be removed and made into one. Nice work overall, you have good skills. Just needs a little tweaking, Keep it up.

anogarir: Thanks.

Enriq766: Yeah, i got the lower poly version of the model which is about 500 face, i just want to make more poly so the shading is more smoother when reciving the rt light. Thanks for the advice.

This is how it look like in realtime:
(yeah, the texture is still wip)

I just got the mood to work on it again :stuck_out_tongue: :

Here is the mesh update (ingame view):

Also update on the armature: