Low poly game model

I’m working on the textures right now.

wow thats really good…good job on the texturing

little more texture work on the body.


Is his other fin hiding behind his leg? Nice job for keeping the polys low and still a good model. Can I get a poly count? TWO TIME! Can I get a poly count?

Are those textures hand done?

2260 quads. and yeah, I’m drawing the textures in Gimp.

Wow, looks like something off of morrowind

what’s that?

It’s an RPG first-person game for the computer.

Nice model, looking forward to updates.

2260 quads? I thought low-poly game models were normally in the threshold of 500-700 quads! And to think, all this time I have been spending hours trying to cut down on faces and fake almost everything with textures.

Nice model though. What game is it being used for?

I was pretty generous with the polygons, lol. I wasn’t trying to keep a limit. It’s just a “for fun” project. it’s not going into a game. I’m making it with the game “monster hunter” in mind.

more texturing…

Very nice work! I love the foot structure.

still working…


For a game model, this is amazing! The textures are great!
But what I suggest is actually making a high-poly version first, and then making a rough low-poly off of that and tangent-baking the normals from the high-poly to the low-poly. This will make the low-poly look like it has all the details of the high-poly model. For details on Render Baking, read this wiki page. Follow the second part, which tells how to use and create normal maps. the first part is just about making a bump map, which requires the knowledge of composite nodes.

I have no experience in BGE or even making something for BGE, so Render Baking might not be the answer.

Great model and I like most of the texture but I think the eyes need work. The colour is too flat and the shading is too symmetrical. I would add another colour (dark brown is my first guess), a more noticeable highlight and shadow to the lower side.

The teeth are too bright too but I’m guessing you haven’t started texturing them yet