Low poly game models

I am developing a game using panda3d and using blender to create all the models. The game is a sci-fi theme which I won’t go into too much detail right now. Anyways, I’ve started a new character, a soldier. Here is what I have so far:


I know it isn’t much yet, but I’ll try to add some updates soon and then rig him and create some poses and actions.:ba:


We wait for some updates…

how many poly’s are there supposed to be? (could you post some wires too?)

I’m shooting for 2-3k faces in the end. Right now I have around 1200. Here is a front wireframe shot.

I have added some hands. These are recycled from another model that I made and are a little on the high poly count side so I’ll have to reduce them some for the final model. I added some simple vertex colors so it looks a little bit better than solid color.

I realized the arms were too long and looked like ape arms. Here is an update with better proportions:

Any C&C would be appreciated.

Looks good. The topo looks like it will deform well and all. Nice model.

Good progress :slight_smile:

You’re very economic with polys without sacrificing the ability to deform well. Good job.

I think the arms are still a bit long, though. A rule of thumb is that a person’s wingspan - fingertip to fingertip, with arms stretched out, is within a few cm of that person’s height. (See da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man.)

A quick count shows that would make your character’s head almost two grid spaces tall - that’s quite the bobble head.

You said 2-3k polys is the budget… but that model is looks like more. You sure you looked at “triangle” count not “quad” count? Good model nevertheless. Is it a PC or an NPC? If a PC the higher poly count would be well acceptable.

Odjin: It is considerably more right now mostly due to the highly detailed hands which I will bake to a normal map and reduce. This is a PC so It could be a little higher but I want to keep the count as low as possible since this game is multiplayer and there could be 5-10 of these in the view at once possibly although that might still be ok with modern hardware.

ThatSoundAgain: thanks for the proportion advice. I’ll look at tweaking the arms some more.

Hope to have some more work done on this soon and get a head modeled. Then I can get to the texturing and rigging and animating.

Just throw in some distance-lod on the mesh and you can go with higher resolution. Depends on the type of game but usually not many actors are close to the player so one can quickly crank up the lod for actors further away.

Here are some new updates. I’ve taken a break from coding to work on this model some more. The modeling is pretty much finished although I ended up with about twice the vert count (around 5k) that I was shooting for originally this should be acceptable on most modern hardware. Any suggestions/ideas/crits?


The next step will be rigging him up so he can be animated.

I think the helmet has a few edge loops too much. Shape should be defined with some removed from in between.

Good point on the helmet. I’ve also reduced the number of verts in the hand, eliminating some of the finer detail like fingernails and such, while still leaving enough cuts near the knuckles for the fingers to bend nicely. I have gotten the count down to about 4600 which should be acceptable I think.



Can we see a screenshot without the subsurf please?


There is no subsurface modifier on this mesh.

In that case, I need to know something.

I have been creating a human body using blocks of cubes, tweaking them to get the desired shape and then subsurfing it.

It seems like you have used a different (and better) method. Could you please go through what method you used to create that?

(I am new to blender)

I would recommend looking for some tutorials on this. I personally use box modelling. I’m not sure what you mean by ‘blocks of cubes’. Can you post an example?

Sorry to hijack this thread . . . but you may wish to download some existing body meshs and study these. Back of my head there ought to several if you use the search engines.


I started with the original cube which spawns when blender opens.

I then modified it using various tools (extrude, scale etc) and then simply just applied a SubSurf to make it… less blocky.


I am new to blender, just started learning a few days ago.

You have done an excellent job in modelling your figure.