Low Poly Gravestone

I need to improve my gravestone but I don’t know what to do more so feel free to say everything you have on your mind about my low poly gravestone model
The second image is the back of the model


Hmm, it looks good to me, I wish I could texture that well -_-.

I would say add a normal map to the skull and crossbones, crown, and writing/inscriptions, and if there already is one increase it a bit more.

Hope this helped :slight_smile:

It’s not that hard,all you have to do is to unwrap, add bump map and create textures. All you need is time

For a tomstone,I think the textures you are going to use is very important,I’m looking forward to it.

I’ve made another bump map and texture

There is no blender guru here ?

Your model is almost flat. Just look at it’s side:) I think you should add some variety to model’s width… Just get some references(for instance from deviantart).
a) more color(maybe some yellows or dark desaturated blue)
b) more details(some imperfections: scratches, dirt(especially on the bottom part of the model), weared corners e.t.c)

The surface of the stone looks the same all over. Gravestones are very commonly smoothed perfectly in areas that are engraved, but left purposefully unfinished on the sides. In the very least you might consider leaving the sides of the lowest section unfinished.

It also should have some substantial dark patches from weathering and general grime. Remember that these things are left outside in the elements.

Here is a real one. It look enough flat for me.
I think I’m going to leave it the way it is.
If someone wants to play with my model(it would be nice to see the improvments) here is the link http://www.flester.ro/free3dmodels/low-poly-gravestone---3ds-obj-and-blend-format/72 .