Low Poly Hatchet

I’ve been working on this low poly hatchet and would like some feedback on how it looks. This is my first hand painted model. Entire model painted within blender 2.71. Textures are 512x512.


I really like your clean design, somehow it invites me to chop some wood or monsters.
It would fit pretty well in a video game with the same art style, which I imagine to be extremely epic!
by the way, how did you render the last picture? Is it freestyle render or what?

Accidentally lost or deleted my texture file. Heres a new texture. Textures painted in Sketchbook Pro.

Quick change of colors.

Cant wait for Blender 2.72 to be released with its new painting system. The texture made in blender took me about three to four hours to make and the sketchbook texture took me two hours.

For the wireframe I used the wireframe modifier. I then used a cycles emission shader and a glare node for the glow effect.