Low Poly House Pack - on the Blender Market

Hi, how are you? You must be a game developer, am I right? These houses in medieval style are excellent choices, especially because they have a LOD (Level of Detail) ready. It is helpful in the the development of any game because when something is far away it doesn’t need much detail. LOD will benefit your game and leave it lighter and more compatible with various devices.

Thanks! :D:D:D


very nice project. love the props reminds me of something I was doing way back…

Thanks guy:)

When you said low poly I was expecting 4 faces for the base (no bottom face) and another 4 for the roof (10 verts) with some nice normal mapped textures.

they look nice for old style buildings though so plus marks on that, nice work over all, just wouldn’t call it low poly, maybe mid-poly.

I think they are pretty low poly, I made houses for my most resent game and they are similar to the two story one he made, but his look so much better (mine are 342 polys). and his are more detailed.
Good job on the houses, I think you video has some (maybe just 1) typos.

Thanks, because english isn’t my main language.

At around 30 seconds you say “his” pack instead of “this” pack, other than that I don’t see any typos. I will watch a couple more times and see. I like the commercial.

I put a note above. Thanks, to say the true I don’t knew if I put or not in the air.