Low Poly House

Low poly house i did for the game :slight_smile: the scene haves about 30000 polygons (quads) please comment and hope you like it :o


can’t wait for the turntable anim. and for what game is it?

I love it, great textures, and the lighting is superb! :smiley:

its for a project game that me and my friend are working on =) its kinda action RPG game.

Man, I really LOVE this scene! Texturing and lighting are perfect.
Could you give any insight about the garden?

hmm… let see… the grass are 2 planes that cross like X and duplicated all over the ground… there is about 3 models of big mushrooms that have about 150-200 polygons and 2 types of flowers same 150-200 polygons… there are little mushrooms (the group of 10 i think) and they have about 500 polygons… the bush plant is a alpha image of some plant leaf and duplicated more planes to make a bush… the flowers you see the little ones those are just plane facing up and close to the grass (thats the way to fake a lot of flowers in field) =) i think thats it… here is a pic i did before this one just to test the vegetaion part

When did 30,000 polys become low poly? Good work, but it’s hardly “low poly.” The lighting in particular is superb.

the whole scene haves 30000polygons… house = 7000 every barrel haves about 250polys so when you count them it haves about 7000 and all the plants together with ground and rocks it haves 15000 polygons… that is 30000 polygons… and todays computer can render a trees with 20000polygons plus the whole scene with out an effort… so yes it is a low poly -.-

Very impressive work. Would love to see more artwork from your game.

I love the style. This could actually be a game I´d get.
Is the lighting dynamic or is it baked in the house scene?

this is my second group of models for the game, but there will be more. :smiley: here is the site you can check http://deoce.deviantart.com/

there are basic three point light and lamp lights that cast shadows :slight_smile: thanks

I hope you don’t mean 500 polys per little mushroom, and i really think you could cut down on poly count if you decimate some of the mushrooms and stuff, and was the turntable included in your poly count?

P.S. 30,000 polys= 6 FPS for me :slight_smile:

House 7000
Fence 300
Grass 1200 (1 poly per grass)
plant600 (70 poly per plant)
Mushroom 1800 (150 poly per)
Mushroom group 7000 (1000 poly per group) - group of little mushrooms with different size and shape each little mushroom haves 50polys
Rocks 1000 (50 poly per)
Flowers Model 4000 (150 poly type 1 and 125 poly type 2 )
Flowers Plane 200 (8 poly per)
barrel 7300 (270 poly per)
lamp post 800]

this is the whole scene with the number of polygons with all the models… in game LOD will have a lot of effect on it and my friends pc can take about 100000+ polygons with out any effort… and my pc can take much more then that… i dont know what kind of pc you have? xD

Okay maybe not 6 (that’s what remembered at least) but to put things lightly my computer is bogged down with random stuff I don’t even know about, it uses 40% RAM doing nothing and i don’t know why haha but anyways I think your model looks really good, I thought the grass was particle system for a bit

Aaah, now that I see it I remember that bench scene you posted a while ago; back then I felt about the same as with this new work: extremely nice lighting and texturing, giving a kind of romantic and misterious mood.
Thanks for explanations on the garden.

yep that bench was mine scene too :stuck_out_tongue: thanks a lot :slight_smile:

VĂ©ri nice!

Very nice! What references did you use for the house?

Thanks and the reference photo i used is from the artist named cuculus on deviantart.

Good stuff! I’m particularly impressed with those roof tiles and the vegetation, well done!