Low Poly Interior Scene +TIMELAPSE

Ever since I started using blender I loved looking at interior scenes. They’re always perfect and just give you a special feeling when looking at them. Now that I’m a bit better with modelling I decided to do an interior scene too. Seeing how I was doing low poly renders, I had to do this low poly too. It was a bit more challenging, but I still did it. This was rendered in cycles at 500 samples in about and hour (didn’t really check :P). The whole scene took 53 minutes to make and was quite fun. I encourage everyone to try and make an interior scene as it really tests your skills.

That is really awesome! I think that the choice of colors for the painting are great! I also think that it’s funny to have a solid-color painting hung on the wall! I like that there are matching colored books for each of the painting. But it makes you wonder… Where is the red painting? Great work!

Thanks for the comment ItalianJoy :3