Low Poly Island advice from a Blender Newb

Hi all

I’m new to Blender but I’ve been modeling on an off for seventeen years. I’ve never done any low poly modeling and I want to create an island as a modern take on those old postcards and maps where you see low detail island and oversized landmarks like a windmill or ship or sea monsters :wink: haha

We are developing a TV series bible and want to add the island which is the main centre of the series and place story points locations in the way described above, so investors and execs can get a visual sense of the story world.

Firstly any advice on the best way to do it. The island is real, its 25sq km and I could get a height map and actually create the shape of the island but I’m wondering if that would be too much detail. Would it be best to just take a postcard map from the island sculpt my own version.

Is there any general advice and pointers on what to do and not do.

Lastly, i’m curious if there is any interactive online viewer that could act as a turntable and zoom in and out functionality online we could link to, for pitching purposes? Just a thought.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


You can use sketchfab.com for embedded interactive 3D. Full disclosure: I work there :slight_smile:


If you work with geometry that size and something is very close to your camera you will of course have to set your clipping planes from very near to very far.
this can lead to problems if your camera is very far from the origin. So, if this is the case it is best to keep the camera at the origin and offset the island accordingly.

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Postcard got me thinking…It could just be a “Postcard” plane, and like you have seen in old cartoons the objects , pop out of the location, doesn’t have to be animated, but could be. It is just the concept that might work for you…something like a board game…

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@bartv I’ve seen Sketchfab integrated here and had a look, seems cool and pricing is ok. Thanks will pass it on as a potential solution.

@Lumpengnom Good tip, thanks. Hadn’t considered clipping at this point. Definitely worth pre-empting. :smiley:

@RSEhlers You made great points… the board game side I hadn’t considered. Its a good ref and its also good to think of it in that respect for layout. I think you are right. I might make the map on a plane from a painterly image in photoshop and then build on top of it. Definitely something to think on.

Thanks for your thoughts.