low poly isometric office


tell me if you think the color scheme is right, also if you think it’s something wrong or it’s something missing. thank you alread

(this is the first version of the render that I published let me know if it looks better)
I changed the angle of the camera, also, the size and shape of the room to look not so squarish. I changed the color grading to a fresher office morning look

Hmmmmm honestly not sure…To me i wouldnt change much being that its a low poly render.

The only thing that I would really change is the camera angle. I’d suggest checking this: http://flarerpg.org/tutorials/isometric_tiles/

I tried at first pointing the camera at 45 degrees, but it looked really dull, maybe if I turn the base into a rectangle, and the x angle, It fitted the camera better with 75, i will try

so, this is my latest render, let me know if it looks better

Not bad! I would change the color of the plants a little, unless this is Neglect Inc. and they office staff just never bothered to water them! hahaha.

Also, the watercooler blends in a little too well with the side of the cubical. You might try a slight change of color scheme there, most of those water bottle things are a translucent blue. That change alone might help it stand out more. Other than that, it looks great. Reminds me of some of the isometric diagrams of levels from the game Portal. Haha!

The floor bothers me, maybe make it to a specular floor or add some dirt but it bothers me, otherwise IT IS AN AWESOME WORK!