Low poly Jedi Starfighter

Here are some images of a low poly Jedi Starfighter from Episode III. The model is just under 100 polys. I can not take credit for the texture. I got it from a Starwars toy website.




Wire frame:


Just for fun. Maybe there could be a contest or challenge based on Starwars Episode III.

thats very good youu made good use of the texture

Very nice, I’m always impressed by they who knows about real texturing :wink:

The texture is a little low res…

Maybe if you made a higher-poly ship, you could use that version as the physics/collision face model?

Thanks, Aidan, Sunbeam, and Arr Matey!! for the comments. Arr Matey!!, you are right. The texture is low res. I am considering creating my own texture from scratch. I want to keep the poly count down for the engine.

Are you going to do Blender SW game? It’s well done. Try with it real time environment maps. You can get [fake] this effect with blender game engine.