Low Poly King Ghidorah

I don’t know whether to post in “focused critiques” or “finished projects”. I think this is finished, but it was a low poly challenge so I did it quickly. Idk…


Felt like something was missing so I tried coloring it

Posting it in critique usually means you want feedback on how to improve something, so if you feel finished with it, do you actually want advice on how to improve it, then you should go back and change it after feedback, or use what you learned forward.

Asking for feedback is usually helped a lot by specifying what kind of feedback you want. There are many ways it can be “improved” but wether or not it is a real improvement depends on what you are going to use the image for. That is why I like to ask what the usecase for the image is.

Some ways to make the image more interesting could for example be to texture paint it. It can make a low poly model look a lot more detailed. But maybe you don’t want a high detailed look? And that could be a lot of work.

Maybe a few material colours with different materials would make it exciting too, and that would be faster to do for high reward. for example make it look like a statue made in a real material.

Or you could change the topology, I think it would look better with a pointier nose for example, or optimising some areas a bit. but that’s opinion. So you see, it’s more useful to you if you give some general idea what you would like to improve! Hope that helps.

Thank you for the detailed response. It was just a quick lowpoly challenge, but I can use it to practice texturing, since that is my weak point.

Try making another material, and use assign button in face select ( edit mode ) to color inside wings differently . . also black inside mouth . . . It’s in materials tab, ’ assign ’ button . .<3