Low Poly Landscape With A Fox

Hi there, I’m new on this forum, and here is my first work.
A bit small, but I did it as my phone wallpaper.
Inspired by PigArt Channel on yt.

Morning version:


Nice work, Kery007. I like the evening version better than the morning version, because the light is more interesting.

My only crit I had to offer is, that I see a sunset at the horizon in the background. But the shadows are running from right to left. Shouldn’t they fall in the direction from background to foreground?

Very nice indeed!

But I have to agree with minoribus, about the orientation of the shadows…

Yes, shadows are off, but that sky in the second pic is gorgeous :smiley: You have some pretty good depth going on, except for the foreground…the fox and log are way too big compared to the tree. :slight_smile: Welcome to the forum, and really nice first post, keep it up!

What a lovely picture, very unique style for a first project in Blender! I honestly don’t really care about shadows orientation, however I don’t like their blurry edges. As the sole smooth elements of the scene they just do not fit the mood of the picture.

Anyways beautiful image, and thanks for mentioning pigart. I saw some of the videos and they are quite spectacular!

Thanks for your feedback :). Although it’s not my project in Blender:p, but on this forum. I had figured out, that the fox is to big compared to the tree, but I didn’t change it. I wanted trees in the both sides of the foreground, but not so big to cover my background. I also wanted the fox to be clearly visable, so I decided that these trees are simply young :evilgrin:.