Low poly landscape

This is not something i normally do but i felt like making something different today, so here is this…

It was really fun to work on and it doesn’t feel like it is quite finished yet. So, I will take any criticism or ideas for improvements and try to see what this is lacking for me to call it a finished piece.

I was thinking about clouds, maybe a road or a river, just something to break up the image really…

Thank in advance for the feedback!

So, lighthouses have bases, yours goes straight into the ground
There isn’t really much happening on the image, the town is a bit small, you should add some wildlife, you should get rid of that seam where the hill has the dirt on it, some things for the sky too, like clouds would be well appreciated, you should try the whole scene with different light conditions, like sunset, at even night, you could switch the lighthouse on, the first should get bigger, you should try coloring the grass a bit randomly, aka not every triange is the same hue
That’s it for now, I hope my critiques are helpful

I had forgotten about this until yesterday when i suddenly remembered it. So i got some work done.