Low Poly Landscapes

Experiments with low polygon modelling and Volumetric Rendering.

Here is the full project : http://bit.ly/1dSCdWf


Nice concept! Very cute :stuck_out_tongue:

nice concept indeed. love the 3rd one

Very nice! I’m loving the first one :slight_smile:

The ocean one is beautiful i love it!

very very interesting style! but i think you really ought to subsurf it…
how did you get the water looking so good? i would be interested in a wire view of the water :slight_smile:
nice! :smiley:

Perfect! got a tut somewhere? I’m looking for just this: tiles of landscape that smoothly interlock :slight_smile:
Any extra input is welcome :slight_smile:

This is just the coolest :slight_smile: I love this so much haha 1rst is my favorite then 2nd. Great job. I’m also interested in how you did this!

How is the ocean done? The translucently.

Actually I just got it, I was using the wrong shader!
Translucent over transparent was the problem.
It looks great but a little rough on the top surface of the water…

How do you take something from these “low poly” style designs to the more realistic looking ones? Do you just add more divides to the mesh? I get that you do it on purpose. This aesthetic is so lovely. I really like the little cloud on the green.

Also I too am interested in the water. Is translucency an easy option?

Wow really nice