Low-Poly Lucky Cat

A little lucky cat, based on the traditional Maneki-neko models found in Japan and China.

I couldn’t get the collar quite how I wanted it but overall I’m pretty pleased with its cuteness!


What is the material the cat is supposed to be made of? In those reflections, are we seeing the HDRI?

It’s the same kind of plasticy/metal that the gold Maneki-nekos are made of, like this:

There is no HDRI so the reflections are just of the model itself and the background

I like the model, but I think the material needs to be changed. Right now there is the illusion that the cat has a brown upper material and a beige lower material because of the reflection of some sort of sky color that is not visible at the horizon. The sheer amount of reflection also makes it difficult to discern the underlying geometry.

If that is the ref, then maybe someone else that is better at materials can help. I don’t really have enough info to go on; I assume the blend file isn’t so large if you want to share it here.