Low-Poly Male Basemesh Tutorial?

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently been trying to find a tutorial on how to create a low-poly male basemesh, as this is one of my first goals in blender, to create a human being and get comfortable with blockbuilding and sculpting, using the basemesh as a test dummy to practice sculpting and other features on.

I know you can get free basemesh’s but I would really like to be able to create my own, it is after all valuable experience to be gained, and will allow me to be more comfortable creating my own projects using blockbuilding.

I’ve had a look on Blendtuts and Blender Cookie, but couldn’t find what I was after. There is a tutorial to add a body to a finished head but the body was a bit more cartoonish than I was looking for.

So if anyone knows where there is a tutorial to make a low-poly human male basemesh, please could you forward me a link? :slight_smile:


The short way:
Take a cube, loop cut it, extrude body parts, subdivide.

a human as first project? it’s kinda hard. easier to do hard surface modeling, cars robots whatnut.
but for a basemesh a really good one needs also eyeballs and tooth-gum and teeth that’s kinda basic and accurate…

cgcookie has this tut serie.

also consider using makehuman to create a hi-res male mesh. then you can re-topo it with blenders tools to get the hang of where you need poles and how the topology flows.

angela has some neat walkthrough.

I think you’re right aermartin, a human for first project is a bit out of my league at the moment, thanks for the heads up!

When I’m a bit more advanced I’ll take a look at this tutorial series and MakeHuman. :slight_smile: