Low poly man

Well, I haven’t posted anything here for a while so I thought I’d drop this in. I’m working on a set of posable low poly people that I can use in our flythroughs at work. I used the makehuman male model as reference, and to make the skin normals. Current poly count is 1646 faces.

I’m going to do some sculpting for the shirt and pants so they’re not so tight :slight_smile: Then a long sleeve version. Comments and suggestions welcome.

Closer look at the face topollogy. SSS for kicks. Think I’ll try my hand at some texture painting next.

That dude looks awesome :yes: Proportions are good, topo’s good, and skin looks good.

Are you going to give him some shoes?

ZOMG, that’s Bruce Wayne alright!

now, would you care to tell me how did you render those wires in the render? Any particular setting? I tried before by turning wire on in the material settings but that only renders the wire, not the surfaces.

please don’t tell me it’s something as straightforward as baking the UVs with the wire…

Lol, yeah, he’ll have shoes eventually… I’m still trying to figure out the best way to do it though.

@namekuseijin - Thanks :slight_smile: I cheated to get the wireframe on there.
once you’ve created your UV layout, enter edit mode with your mesh, select all, go to the uv/image editor, click UVs, Click scripts > Save UV Face Layout and choose where you want to save the image. Then just take that and apply it over top of your texture in gimp or photoshop. Set it to multiply and whalla! There is another way to do it though. I found a tutorial once upon a time. I’ll see if I can find it for you.

Another quick update. I think this face texture will do. It’s not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but its good enough for the girls I run with. I suppose I had better give teh poor guy some hair next… I’m terrible with hair.

I went through the first half of this tutorial to get this result:

I hate hair with a passion. Does anyone have a link to a good tutorial for handling textures with alpha? I can’t seem to get the settings right. I have all kinds of trouble with it. Anyway, suggestions would be much appreciate it. Here is the dudes hair as it stands right now… I think I’ll figure out the shoes next.

shoes done.

nice tip, dude.

you do have some quite good texturing skills indeed.