Low poly mesh rig to deform a high poly mesh ?

You know , like hose blocky 3D Max rigs, that they pose then translate to high polys. Can Blender do that ? I can never remember.

I guess that you could just dublicate the armature and parent it to the other mesh. But that is slow and not good pratice…



HA HA , no… Sub surface makes stuff soft. I wanted something else. You know when game comes back, it will be needed then…

I guess that is a no.
:smiley: Pulling Theeth ^v^(sorry I just had too…)

well, maybe if you were more clear in what you want…


Oh all right…
A simple broken up charicter in block form that just makes place holder for the limbs and joints.

Then as those are posed it also poses the High poly mesh on another layer and seen when needed.


just use layers…

simple cube model on one layer, high res mesh on the other layer.

it’s that simple.


Martin: can you be a bit clearer?

What do you mean use layers?

Have the armature the parent of two separate models on two separate layers?

Have two separate armatures and two separate models on two separate layers?
-and maybe copy the actions?

I want to know this myself. Good question, youngbatcat.

This one.

having two armature would kinda defeat the point.


Yup yup, we were using that trick at the school (suggested by one of my students mind you !) and works like a charm to see a realtime preview in slow machines.