Low-poly mini-gun

It’s just a weapon that might be used in a game… As I have my hands full with modelling and texturing at the moment I don’t actually have a game for it :frowning: - Maybe in a few years time!

This is the 1st low-poly project I’ve ever done. Normally I can’t keep my hands of the subsurf button!


I like it.
How low poly is low poly on this one by the way?

I think low poly is an art all to itself.
I don’t do so well with a million vertices to play with. I doubt I could do much with only a few.


Hmmm… 279 Vertices and 273 faces I think… That’s the info at the top of the window anyway! Does that compute?

hehehe…very good
I like it!

Very good for a low poly object :slight_smile:

show the wire render, setsmooth on the ends of gun-barrels looks strange, but i like it

turn auto smooth, to solve the edges-smoothing

Ok, here’s a couple of wireframes:

Here’s a version with the “autosmooth on” - As you can see the edges don’t look as rounded!

And finally, here’s a toon-shaded version with edges… It looks quite cool I reckon! 8)

Thanks for the comments!!!

Nice game model, but the clip seems kindof small for a minigun(jus my opinion)

i like much more this gun with toon shadind, try to add more samples for the lamp