Low Poly Model Creation Workflow

Hi from a new total newbie blender user. I want to learn how to create at least “fine” low poly models, something like here.

I have heard that some people create high-poly models and then create low-poly models from them. Other people go straight for low poly.

Can you give me some links or just explain me a basic workflow for low poly model creation, please?

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and so on…
Use the search-function (low poly) on blendernation.

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90% of the time if people go from “high to low poly” they ARE NOT going for a stylistic low poly look, they mean they’re going for an optimized but still (relative to stylistically low poly objects) high poly objects.

Also note that if you decide to make your geometry instead of using normal maps (e.g. with a brick road) your low poly scene could end up being quite high poly. Be careful not to add excessive detail (modelling every brick on a house) if you want a truly stylistically low poly look. The whole point is that less is more. I can’t really add a huge amount of detail into the low poly work flow. I guess I could try to do a livestream on trimsheets/texture atlases and a low poly building workflow.

Edit: I do want to note that going from high to low actually makes sense for the purposes of low poly terrain.

Edit2: super tired, I’ll try to do the livestream on this process tomorrow

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You can, though, like you said, it’s no longer Low Poly style anymore. Once you get past a certain point, you’re really going for more of a papercraft look.

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