Low-Poly Modeling (General Question)

Hello everyone,

 Quick question: When designing a game/animation, how do you make the modeling consistent throughout? For instance, I wouldn't want to create highly-defined characters, and have low-poly items/whatever floating or sitting around. That's an extreme example, and by asking this question I'm looking for the more subtle edge of that; when I watch/play something, I notice certain things that irk me, like - how do I put this - "shaky," or slightly see-thru edges on breakable or interactive objects/meshes, or beautiful, almost photo-real backgrounds with slightly cartoon-ish characters that miss the realism of their environment. 
 So what is a good way to design things that flow together? I have an idea to create something that's low-poly, but not so low as, say, something like Minecraft. I just can't figure out how to style everything with continuity within the <i>entire</i> environment.

im going to be honest with you, ive read the whole question 2-3 times now, and i have NO idea what you want. but i thought id give you some general information witch to me is obvious, but maybe you just need to hear it from someone.

when designing a game, look for referance images. look at styles that other people has made, and take inspiration from them.

find out what works well together, realistic shaders and low poly would probably not work well together, and when talking about low-poly we are not talking about minecraft, minecraft is style on its own. Voxel i think its called.

here are some low-poly art

if this is what you are looking for, then dont limit yourself by the amount of polygons you use, cause the trick is not to use as little as posible, but to highlight the edges. also notice how non of them uses any textures, so try to avoid that.

Thanks for the input. It was difficult to word the question exactly the way I wanted to express it (and I’m a Creative Writing major, lol). I think, for the continuity I’m looking for, I would simply need to experiment; make characters/objects low-poly, then subsurf and retopo as needed, until they all kind of just fit well together, without objects looking foreign to one another.
Perhaps Minecraft was a bad example. In any event, thank you for your suggestions and examples. I’m getting, eh, sufficient at my modeling, but I know I still have a ways to go until practical application.