low poly modeling/texturing

this is a pretty broad question but can anyone direct me to a good low poly modeling tutorial?

also maybe a good tutorial for uv image unwrapping

thanks, in advance.

Hi … I’m new here – I found some vids on you tube that go into Character Making (good poly modeling starts) — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FK01kvHB1nQ and there’s another one on texturing that covers some UV stuff also - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bhp2ihqnJIk&feature=relmfu – Hope those help!

What kind of objects and for what purpose?

any kind of object, the purpose though, is im getting into the blender game engine and i think these are some of the things that are essential to the BGE

this is a pretty broad question but can anyone direct me to a good low poly modeling tutorial?

How to make a low poly house: Shift+A / Add Mesh / Cube, done.

If you need further help be more specific. Modelling a low poly human is very different to modelling a low poly spaceship, building or landscape. The only thing the have in common is that they use less polygons then their high poly equivalent.

My low poly medieval vaulting tutorial:

My new game engine speed tutorial:

http://www.blendercookie.com/ Greatest tutorial site you can find, covers everything, from Character modeling, it futuristic ships, to assault rifles, etc. Great site, and the people who run it also run Blender Artists. I like Jonathan’s tutorials the most, because he really explains everything he does, and why he does them, so you can learn to use those techniques in your own way, and not just for the one thing he’s showing you. David Ward also has a lot of nice tutorials on there, he can really show you how to animate things and whatnot. Along with many others, it is a great site.

I think lowpoly is very important for learning to model in general. I have been modeling for some time, nothing fancy but what I have observed is that lowpoly modeling skill is a necessary skill to learn polygon flow and texture creation.

If you can make a good model being lowpoly, it animates well in the case of a human or creature, and its well textured then you have big chances in that its counterpart highpoly one is going to work ok from a conversion standpoint.

I have not worked or made models for film or animation, where you need very optimized models with good poligon flow, but I guess if you can make a good model with good topology in less polys then the conversion is easier. I still have to make a high polygon optimized one, but like those normal mapped models you see in games, they are all lowpoly optimized for surface detail and animation so the same applies.