Low-Poly Modeling Tutorial?


I’m looking for a tutorial to model a Low-Poly Human. Couldn’t find any Blender Specific Tuts.

Thanks in advance.

God Bless,


I’ve made some, a bit old but maybe they’ll be helpful:



OTO. Thank you for your efforts in making you tutorial. I read most of them years ago. Especially the one on low-poly modeling of Drunna. BUT they need some editing work. You do a lot of “Move this here” and “Make it look like the graphic” without explaining step by step HOW to do what you just said. This was real frustrating to me when I first read them and going back and rereading them its still the same way. A


thank you for your comments :expressionless:
I’ve always thought that they are not clear,and not very detailed, but…at the time
they were almost the only choice available
You confirm my impressions :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, but I don’t have the courage ( or time) to reedit them.