Low poly modelling tips?

Hey guys, I’ve been pushing the low poly questions here, but I haven’t really gotten what I was looking for. Right now, I’m working on a castle, a simple, low poly castle. I made the doorway by adding 5 edge loops, shaping the door, then merging all the points on the side and back of the castle to keep it low poly, not to mention keeping it tidy. But it feels like there should be be a better way, this is really time consuming and allot of times it just doesn’t seam necessary, it seams like I should be able to edit only that single face that I’m working on. This is my overall question: What is the best way to model low poly?


You can still cut down on the polys of the door significantly by merging the bottom part of the door into a single edge.

Good call, I didn’t catch that, Thanks!

I heard first time about this but it is good technology but i thought Modron is a professional person who described Low poly

Some other tips:
-Like Modron said, any vertices that don’t strictly define the shape are unnecessary and should be removed. This is true because, since this is a non-animated lowpoly mesh, topology is irrelevant.

-Non-rectangular quads should be triangulated. This helps avoiding weird behaviour of the UV map.

-Mesh should be designed with UV-mapping in mind, at least if you’re making something that is meant to be used in a game (most if not all games can’t use procedural textures)

-You can save 2 triangles if you separate the wall from the gate and simplify the arch on the wall plane

Also, if for example the door didn’t tile well with the wall, you could make it a seperate mesh, either in the same object or in a seperate one.