Low Poly models to Unity3d game

Hi! This is my first post.

Here I want to show the progression of my work. Concept arts, low poly models and animations made on blender.
For the first some concepts:

The game idea consist in a MMORPG, a lot of things to be modeled.
On this game, for performance reasons I decided dont use textures. The models will be composed by vertex color and shaders.

This is the first ending model done at this concept:

This character was made with separate parts (head, torso, legs and hands) and was designed to use no textures, just vertex color and shaders.
This indeed implies in have more polygons to better show some of details. This model approximate has 6.500 Tris without sword, but the texture processing simply does not exist.

In the next step I’m going to modeling the swords, and I hope have more models to show during next days.

See ya!

The beginning of swords!

This is the first swords with, approximately 700 Tris each.
Without textures, just vertex color.

concept art:

Awesome stuff. I wonder how these will look inside Unity.

Some of Game UI elements :slight_smile:

Painted using MyPaint and post-processing on Gimp

Some shields

really nice job! and great concepts too…
may i ask you why you’re not using textures? i mean, having more tris is not a problem?

@Naughty Ogre Thanks man! I mean, ogre.

Well, one problem we have is our team size, as I’m now the one designer/artist working on this project.
Indeed, the polygons count is a consideration point, but the texture creation process is cumbersome and takes longer to be made, which affects our deadline.

So, after some tests of graphic style we decided to use just vertex-color and shaders.

looking good without the textures…

seems fair enough :wink:
anyway, good job :slight_smile: