Low poly monster designer (modeling, rigging & basic animation)

We’re currently working on a 2D pixel sidescroller game. We’re looking for one or two partial-time artists to help create monster assets for our project, which will be used as base/advanced work for 2D pixel artists.

It should be a rather easy challenge for skilled Blender artists. We’re not looking for photorealistic assets with high amount of details. So, the end result can be low-poly with bare minimum details. Given the 3d model won’t be used in any engines per se, we won’t criticizing modeling conventions or standards, as long as the delivered work isn’t in a total mess. We simply want to ouput 2d animation sheets out of the blend file.

We need our asset to be sideview, so details matters mostly for this side of the model.

We’ll need the 3D model to be rigged and animated. For most monsters, we’ll need:

-idle animation
-move animation
-attack animation

Given we’re working on a retro styled pixel game, it would be nice if the animation are created with low amount of frames in mind, generally less than 12 frames. We need the animation only side-view.

For communication, progress and file sharing, we’re using Trello. We will pay a respectable amount of money for each completed commission, which we can discuss together.

We’re looking for 3D artists capable to create the monster from their imagination or from vague reference materials, rather than us providing accurate sheet references.

As an example, the following GIF file shows a creature in our game. It was created with a 2D tool. We would like to recreate this one from scratch in blender in order to have better control on the animation and 3d masses.

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so you just want a model that match this style ?
how much monsters are we talking about ?

Sounds interesting, here’s my sketchfab profile:

If you like my style, PM me.

Thank you everyone for your private message. We’ll explore your portfolio during the following days.

More or less. We want a ‘hammer colossus’ with that view, but the 3D artist can take liberties to make it artistically more distinctive.

It’s hard to tell. It’s for sure not a full time project. For instance, there are several monsters that can be drawn by our 2D sprite artists without need of 3D. We’ll need 3D mostly for more epic sized monster such as mini bosses and bosses. Probably a dozen of them. Maybe a bit more.

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ok i see !!!