Low Poly Mountains

My first attempt at a low poly scene :eek:
I want to “Spice” it up so I can upload it to Blend Swap! :smiley:

2 Things, the lighting is a bit too dark for the scene, and the change between dirt-grass seem a bit to sharp. Maybe round it off a bit.

Looks good though.

Thanks :slight_smile: How do I round off the grass and dirt though?

Maybe at the edge just tilt it a bit or something along those lines.

Okay, Thanks! :wink:

Hmm I’ll just throw out what I would change:

Make the water transparent.
More variations of clouds.
Make the mountains more different.
Remove the hole in the ground.
Change the colours for most things.
Make the scene brighter.
Add in something more to give more details.

I guess you’ve got the start. Just need more tweaking.
Try looking at my render and try to understand what makes it look different. Then try and apply that to your own render.

THIS IS THE ONE THAT INSPIRED ME! I saw this on blend swap and thought it was easy to make! It ended up getting rejected :frowning: This was actually like my 3rd or 4th blend I think :frowning: So if I tried it again, I’m sure I could accomplish MUCH more! :smiley:

Yeah a lot of my work inspires new low poly artists.
You can watch my timelapse if you haven;t already and you should get a basic idea of how I did it.

I already watched it :slight_smile:

What modifier was you using to get the grass over the edge and the Background to look like wrinkled paper??? :smiley:

I used a decimate modifier for the grass and a normal displace modifier for the sky.

Thanks!!! :slight_smile:

Cool first attempt! :slight_smile: I recently put up a journal at deviantART about low-poly scenes, have a look, there’s quite a bit of inspiration:

Cool! Nice work! :smiley:

To round off the edges, if the grass and the dirt are both a part of the same object, which I’m assuming they are, just apply a bevel modifier and play with it until it looks how you like!

Okay, Thanks!!! :smiley:

Nice model.
I would agree that the lighting is a little dark, but other than that it’s great.
I am a fan of low-poly work.

Thanks again :wink:

Any update? You did post in focused critique and you should try to post updates with the feedback applied.

Yeah… Sure I’ll post one in a minute :slight_smile: