Low Poly Normal Mapping

Hello all =)

My main goal for learning modeling and texturing is to make the best looking models with the fewest polygons. I would like to get into 3d game modeling.

So i was trying to teach myself the ropes of modeling and thought, Hey! ill model a column and make it look amazing with the fewest amount of polygons… This was easier said than done =P

I did some googling and found a guy that makes models for next gen games… here are a few screens.


My question is, are there any tutorials on how to make a low poly model look this good? i have zbrush, and im learning how to make a Hi resolution model look this good, but cant figure out how to make a normal map or whatever else i need to get these kind of results…

any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

Look on youtube or ZBrushCentral for normal map tutorials. There are loads of tutorials for normal mapping in zbrush


Normally a high poly model is made & then the normal/bump/etc. map is made from that & the low poly model, then that map is applied to the low poly model.

So someone actually made that super-high poly column & then made the normal map from it. Blender has that ability. If you’re making a model for a Doom 3 game the engine has the ability to do that for youtoo.

here are some tut on normal mapping


also look in wiki there are some tut there too

you can do your normal map with gimp or may be zbrush too
i guess

but you could also use simple bump map instead of normal map!

hope it helps

This tutorial for Blender is very nice and easy, exactly what youd want when trying out normal mapping for the first time.


Its what I used as a reference when I started with normal maps, Id suggest using a simple object for ur first try at it, something easy to unwrap (perhaps suzanne as she was used in the tutorial) Im not sure what your UV skills are like, but ull need to be pretty good as thats every important.
After that move onto more complex things like brick walls and people etc.

Also its fine to model using Zbrush and then just import it into blender, make the low poly object and then normal map from that. Thats how Id do it anyways :wink: