Low-poly object keeps its geometry after bake

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I am trying to bake a normal map with a cage, most areas seem fine but there are spots where object keeps its former geometry (or so I think is happening). Can anybody direct me to a possible cause and solution for that please?
Also, I am struggling with baking a normal map when an object has narrow places(where one face is close to another) . Perhaps I shouldn’t bake a normal map but try somethin else? Is there another method for putting a lot of details onto a low poly object to use it later?

I attach pictures (baked low-poly, high-poly and a cage) and a link to a blend file :slight_smile:
afterbake cage high-poly

Normal map cannot, and does not, alter an object’s geometry. You can’t just chip off a corner with it like you’re trying to do. It is intended for representing surface details.
Make your low-poly follow the high-poly shape more closely. This should help with concave shapes as well.

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I understood my mistake, thank you :slight_smile: I remodeled those parts, had a little more fun with the cage, made it more precise and it baked properly.
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