Low Poly Pirate Cannon

Hey guys,
Here’s a low poly Pirate cannon I’ve been working on for the last few days. Lemme know what you think, I’ll put it up on Blendswap shortly.


I think the model is quite good, also the texturing, although the barrel seems a bit too cast but that’s a matter of taste.
However the render is soooo dark I can barely see the details, your lighting is really bad. You should present it nicer, with a shadeless backdrop, some AO, only one light casting shadows and preferably softshadows.

The best model can die with a bad presentation.

AO is in the textures. and How do I do soft shadows and a shadeless backdrop?


Curved backdrop, no specularity, excluded from approximated shadows so approx. AO/EL does not effect it.
Camera light, fill light, and a nice area light with a few samples for softshadows.


New Renders

Thanks for the help

I´d recommend to show the chocolate site or crank up environmental lighting a bit.
While the lit topview is really nice to look at, the other two renders show the shadow side of the cannon leaving all the detail in the shade.
Either move the cam to the other side and mirror the final render, or move the fill light and the areal light to the other side.