low poly pistol

well guys/gals I did this little deal in like a few min. It was basically a practice for uv mapping. But one thing that would be cool if possible is to put it into a game. The game I am talking about is counterstrike would anyone know how to export to mdl format that would work with half-life?

c&c welcome :slight_smile:

nice texture
and you could make a blender game with it

ooh, cool. how many polysm does it have?

  1. export in format from list here http://www.swissquake.ch/chumbalum-soft/ms3d/index.html

2.download milkshape from above link and import expoted file

3.export MDL using milkshape


where do i put the mdl? for cs


thanks guys. awsome Ive always wanted to put a model in a game. Ahh about how many polys it has, I do not know how to get that info.

Getting the number of poly’s is quite simple… really :slight_smile:

Just load the .blend, select the model and check out (top-menu bar) the text that says FA:nnn.

nnn representing the number of faces of course :wink:

(It’s right next to the blender logo (green bar)).