Low Poly Queen Elizabeth the First

For a school project.

Very cool! How did you make it?

Well I used a portrait of her as reference and then I started created different planes for every element of her figure, dress, object, designs etc., and it was just a matter of subdividing and moving vertices around. Then I gave each element simple colored diffuse shaders and… done! The most “annoying” part was the little flower designs from the dress.
Even though the process and workflow were simple, it still took me about 9-10 hours… whatever.

You did a very cool interpretation, Jonathan! I think the look is great; not just low-poly, but also reminiscent of paper. The light placement really drives home the look, not only by casting shadows to give a crinkly, layered look to the image, but by also making the character of Elizabeth appear more powerful and imposing (in my opinion, at least). Well done.

Thank you very much for the insightful feedback, James!