Low poly questions

Iv been looking in to make a small game of some sort with my friend and iv done some experimenting and i think im ready. But i just can’t seem to be able to model a good low poly person. colud someone please give some tips or evan a good tutorial. I’m trying to model old Grand Theft Auto style people because kinds of models seem easy to texture. I’v seacrched for a few weeks on google without luck so i fighured i’d ask youz guyz. thnx:eyebrowlift:

well what method have you been using to make them?

Box modeling

  1. avoid triangles - there wreck smoothing and are hard to texture
  2. maintain good edge loops (theres a sticky in the modeling section)
  3. do abit of guessing
  4. make good deforms for arms joints and leg joints - having 2 triangles is actaully worth the texturing pain for deformations
  5. use the multires tool
  6. i know this isnt realy about modeling but good textures can hide the blockyness of the box modeling method
  7. use normal maps

i know i didnt give alot of information about the stuff i said but just do ait of searching on them. hope i helped. oh and just keep practicing and watching tuts.

Thanks I will but if any one has anymore info please share this could save time for others.

i would recommend do a bit of an altered box modeling, instead of using a box start with a circle of around 8? verts after that use proportional editing and such to define muscles just mess around with it until you get something you like.

For the love of your own sanity, don’t use Multires and normal maps! They’re very complicated and you’re way better off if you use them only once you’ve got a solid grasp on modeling and diffuse texturing. If you want to become the next Rembrandt, you pick up a pencil and don’t immediately go paint a 3 by 4 meter oil on canvas, right? The GTA3-esque is a very good style to start character modeling.

As for technique - it’s a bit overrated, I think. At the end of the day you’ll be modifying your initial box so much that it doesn’t really matter if you started with a box or a cylinder or anything else. It’s just pushing vertices, extruding stuff, adding a loop here and there and merging a few times - just like a master drawer doesn’t use his pencil in any way other than a newbie, he’s just that more skilled in knowing where to put them and what shape to make them.

So just look at a lot of references. BoBo the Seal and B1ll have some particularly nice lowpoly models - don’t be afraid to totally steal their topology.

Oh, and ignore what moffboffjoe said about triangles. This was modeled entirely in triangles and I sort of get the idea the creator knew what he was doing :wink: .

good luck finding edge loops working with triangles then :stuck_out_tongue:

and “Well constructed models should generally consist mostly of quads, with a few tris present” thats from mr wiki

Thanks a lot I’m searching around the net studying topology and those links you had helped thanks. But if anyone has any input the more the better.