low poly redfox (with render errors)

here’s a redfox I’ve done for Java Classic RPG
It’s going to be updated with better layout for animation. I have a problem though when rendering it with blender (internal and yafray) - the polygons looks very weirdly put…

link to blend file: http://forum.freegamedev.net/index.php?t=getfile&id=228&S=1329a66e60b8bcae1dd26e873f7c2acc


ohhh darn that is low poly. how many? 10, 20?

uhh… no, 173. :confused:

You should post a screengrab of your model in edit mode, so we can see the wireframe. I imagine that’s where the problem lies.

I think the overall shape looks very good. U are doing this with subsurf on?I think the mesh just needs some cleaning up.

Do give suggestions on cleaning up :slight_smile:

And I posted a link to the .blend file in my first post, didnt it work? Anyway here’s some screens… I checked and recalculated the normals, so it’s not there appearently…


This may be just me but I think this would look better cell shaded. also that would fix the render problem. oh and yes your link to the .blend didn’t work.

I just looked at this guide: http://feeblemind.tuxfamily.org/dotclear/index.php/2007/08/13/88-how-to-solve-blenders-smoothing-problems
And I couldn’t find anything causing the mis-shading…

here’s a new link to the .blend file:

The password is fox

dont you just hate the shadows!?!?! i do

Did you try recalculating your normals?? I have seen Blender do funny things like that, and I just did that and it seemed to do the trick.

If you texture with UV and make a bumpmap these so called “shadows” will dissapear. If you turn down your to spec = 0 they will also dissapear. The only other fix for this is to try and keep your angles between faces lower than 45 degrees. Otherwise it will be sharp and cast a sharp shadow.

select all in edit mode, then hit remove dubbles. go onto uv face mode, any bacwords normals will show up as a hole

Since it’s for a game, I suppose those tris are ok?

There is no problem with tris actually. But I only use tris where I want a pointy or sharp edge since it can be a problem if want to add loops and keep control of the mesh in sculpt mode. Otherwise I wouldn’t recommend having a tris if there is no reason for it.