Low poly rendering in blender cycle - weird result

I would like to render an in game character inside blender cycle with low poly topology. (I know I could do this inside marmoset toolbag but I want to try inside blender because it will give me better shading and because I dont want my character to run real time for my porfolio). The only problem is that we can see in the shadow and some other places that the model is low poly, specialy in the shadow, giving me weird result… My normal map is good and everything seems to be all right when i’m importing my model into marmoset (just to make a comparision). Also, the topology is good, vertex are weld, the mesh is set to smooth shading…

The problems seem to be with cycle rendering engine because I test my mesh in another software (marmoset toolbag) and everything is fine… Here are the render:


Also here are another render without normal map:

And a render test made in another software (marmoset toolbag) just to see if everything is fine:

Unbiased render engine (like Cycles)

  • low poly geometry
  • high contrast lighting
    = terminator artefact (which is what you see on your mesh).

Add a Subsurf modifier to your model to increase the mesh density. There currently is no other workaround.

Hey! Thanks for helping. Yeah! after testing in blender… I don’t think there’s another way… but the true is that I wanted to show my low poly character with normal map without adding geometry… I guess I’m gonna use marmoset for now…