Low poly rifle

Hey there, it’s been quite a while since I last posted anything. I have been on a blender-break because of a huge lack of inspiration and annoyance because I never finished anything I started. Obviously the first can be cured and the latter must be changed. Therefore, I have started something to challenge myself, to get back into modeling and get familiar texturing. So I started this rifle, modeling is pretty much done, even though I find it quite boring looking at the moment. I have no idea how to unwrap something like this so any hints, tips or suggestions on that matter are extremely welcome. Also, suggestions on making it look less boring, will ofcourse be welcome.

Polycount: 510

Looking good! Is the barrel meant to be shaped like that at the end? Like a cartoony gun? And the unwrapping, blender has a good unwrap feature. Check out http://blendercookie.com tutorial on texturing an axe, it has some good help with unwrapping for the beginner.

Thanks and yes, it’s slightly exaggerated, but based on the barrel of a blunderbuss. Thanks for linking me to blendercookie, which I was familiar with however, but… here’s the good news, the unwrapping was extremely easy after I just tried thinking about what should go where and where the seams should be. I just baked an AO-map which I am now using as a basis for the diffuse map. Texturing is a real pain!

Update: Technically, it’s textured, but still I feel it’s missing something…


It looks pretty nice man. About what you are missing, how about a way to put a bullet in the rifle? :stuck_out_tongue:
Or is it meant as the old musket style? In that case, put a fuse on it!

Off topic:
I need TP for my bunghole!

I did a quick and dirty paintover with some points that came to my mind.